Saturday, July 9, 2016

Call for Papers: Jus Post Bellum and the Justice of Peace

The Jus Post Bellum Project has issued a call for papers for a conference on "Jus Post Bellum and the Justice of Peace," to be held September 29-30, 2016, in The Hague. Here's the call:


An NWO-funded Vidi project of the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies at the University of Leiden


The Hague, 29 – 30 September 2016


Jus Post Bellum and the Justice of Peace

Jus post bellum as a concept has gained significant attention in past decades. Scholars have identified certain normative principles underlying transitions from conflict to peace, such as retribution, reconciliation, restitution, reconstruction and proportionality.1 However, few attempts have been made to clarify how such principles relate to concrete dilemmas in transitions from conflict to peace, and what guidance the law provides. The Jus Post Bellum project has examined specific sites of inquiry, such as the normative foundations of jus post bellum2 , the link to the environment3 and investment.4

Traditionally, jus post bellum has been more concerned with the justice of war, rather than the justice of peace. It has been focused on states, rather than non-state actors. In our final conference, we will explore to what extent international law contains norms and principles of just and sustainable peace in specific areas. We seek to focus on the following areas:

    (i) Ending of conflict and conflict termination (cease-fire, peace agreements, constitutional reform)
    (ii) Security (use of force in peace operations, detention, law enforcement)
    (iii) Protection of public goods (cultural property)
    (iv) Movement of persons (property rights, immigration, refugees)
    (v) Accountability (sequencing of peace and justice, hybrid/international/domestic tribunals)
    (vi) Rule of law reform (vetting practices, institution building, sequencing)
    (vii) Sovereign debt and economic injustice (land reform, socio-economic rights)
    (viii) Reparation and prevention (collective reparations, reconciliation)

We are seeking submissions of academic research papers for presentation at the conference. Submissions should include an abstract of no more than 300 words and be accompanied by a CV. Submissions must be written in English and sent to no later than 5 August 2016. Draft papers should be submitted by 15 September 2016.

1 Larry May, After Wars End (CUP, 2012)
2 See Carsten Stahn, Jennifer Easterday and Jens Iverson, Just Post Bellum: Mapping the Normative Foundations (OUP, 2014)
3 Carsten Stahn, Jens Iverson, and Jennifer Easterday, Environmental Protection and Transitions from Conflict to Peace: Clarifying Norms, Principles and Practices (OUP, forthcoming).
4 Special Issue Jus Post Bellum and Foreign Investment, Journal of World Investment & Trade, Vol. 16 (2015), 583-694.