Thursday, June 9, 2016

Segura Serrano: The Reform of International Economic Governance

Antonio Segura Serrano (Univ. of Grenada - Law) has published The Reform of International Economic Governance (Routledge 2016). Contents include:
  • Andrew Lang, Foreword
  • Antonio Segura-Serrano, Reforming the trading and financial systems
  • Kern Alexander, Global economic governance and banking regulation: redesigning regulation to promote stakeholder interests
  • Rosa M. Lastra, Do we need a world financial organization?
  • Emilios Avgouleas & Charles Goodhart, Critical reflections on bank bail-ins
  • Mika Viljanen, Staying global and neoliberal or going somewhere else? Banking regulation after the crisis
  • Vassilis Paliouras, State of necessity and sovereign insolvency
  • Friedl Weiss, The WTO - a suitable case for treatment: is it ‘reformable’?
  • Chios Carmody, Interdependence and WTO law
  • Gregory Messenger, Reforming the law and institutions of the WTO: the dangers of unexpected consequences
  • Valentina Vadi, A history of success? Proportionality in international economic law
  • Jenya Grigorova, The international trading regime and the regulation of trade in energy resources. Is reform necessary and is a new energy agreement within the WTO framework the way to go?
  • Carolina Palma, Multilevel governance in food security regulation - with the example of Costa Rican rice
  • Paolo Davide Farah & Elena Cima, WTO and renewable energy: lessons from the case law
  • Catharine Titi, Economic crises, sovereign debt restructurings and the shifting landscape of international investment law