Monday, May 9, 2016

New Issue: Climate Law

The latest issue of Climate Law (Vol. 6, nos. 1-2, 2016) is out. Contents include:
  • Special Issue: The Paris Agreement
    • Meinhard Doelle, The Paris Agreement: Historic Breakthrough or High Stakes Experiment?
    • M.J. Mace, Mitigation Commitments Under the Paris Agreement and the Way Forward
    • Sebastian Oberthür & Ralph Bodle, Legal Form and Nature of the Paris Outcome
    • Christina Voigt & Felipe Ferreira, Differentiation in the Paris Agreement
    • Alexander Zahar, The Paris Agreement and the Gradual Development of a Law on Climate Finance
    • Harro van Asselt, The Role of Non-State Actors in Reviewing Ambition, Implementation, and Compliance under the Paris Agreement
    • Benoit Mayer, Human Rights in the Paris Agreement
    • Maxine Burkett, Reading Between the Red Lines: Loss and Damage and the Paris Outcome
    • Francesco Sindico, Paris, Climate Change, and Sustainable Development
    • Torbjørg Jevnaker & Jørgen Wettestad, Linked Carbon Markets: Silver Bullet, or Castle in the Air?
    • David A. Wirth, Cracking the American Climate Negotiators’ Hidden Code: United States Law and the Paris Agreement
    • Joyeeta Gupta, The Paris Climate Change Agreement: China and India
    • Marjan Peeters, An EU Law Perspective on the Paris Agreement: Will the EU Consider Strengthening its Mitigation Effort?
    • Marjan Peeters; Huizhen Chen & Zhiping Li, Contrasting Emission Trading in the EU and China: An Exploration of the Role of the Courts