Thursday, October 29, 2015

Conference: International Law and Domestic Policies

This Friday and Saturday, October 30-31, 2015, Turgut Ozal University School of Law, in partnership with the Association for Canadian Studies, the Intercultural Dialogue Institute, the Canadian Council on International Law, and the Center for Global and Regional Studies (CEGRES), will hold a conference on "International Law and Domestic Policies," in Ankara. The program is here. Here's the idea:

The aim of this International Conference is to evaluate the impact of international law and transnational law on the legal orders of nation states in different national contexts. The importance of international law in an increasingly globalized world is duly and frequently acknowledged. However, it is difficult to say that international law produces the desired impact across different national legal orders.

On the one hand, practitioners, legal scholars and policy-makers note that as well as the force on domestic law of international law in the form of treaties, conventions and customary law, newer concepts such as global common law, international human rights adjudication and the regulatory powers created through transnational agreements all create the sense that the supremacy of the international legal order is well established and that most states and national communities act as responsible members of an ordered global community. On the other hand, however, international community faces a multitude of challenges and problematic situations stemming both from international and national levels.