Friday, March 13, 2015

Vadi & de Witte: Culture and International Economic Law

Valentina Vadi (Lancaster Univ. - Law) & Bruno de Witte (Maastricht Univ. - Law) have published Culture and International Economic Law (Routledge 2015). Contents include:
  • Bruno de Witte & Valentina Vadi, Introducing Culture and International Economic Law
  • Francesco Francioni, Culture, Human Rights and International Law
  • Yvonne Donders, The Cultural Dimension of Economic Activities in International Human Rights Jurisprudence
  • Valentina Vadi, Cultural Heritage in International Economic Law
  • Federico Lenzerini, Investment Projects Affecting Indigenous Heritage
  • Sarah Sargent, What's in Name? The Contested Meaning of Free, Priort and Informed Consent in International Financial Law and Indigenous Rights
  • Mira Burri Nenova, The Trade v. Culture Discourse: Tracing its Evolution in Global Law
  • Ana Vrdoljak, International Exchange and Trade in Cultural Objects
  • Antonietta Di Blase, Traditional Knowledge: Cultural Heritage or Intellectual Property?
  • Lucas Linxinski & Louise Buckingham, Propertization, Safegaurding and the Cultural Commons: The Turf Wars of Intangible Cultural Heritage and Traditional Cultural Expressions
  • Lucky Belder, Copyright and the Digitization of Cultural Heritage on the EU Digital Agenda
  • Bruno de Witte, Market Integration and Cultural Diversity in EU Law
  • Rachel Craufurd Smith, EU Media Law: Cultural Policy or Business as Usual?
  • Evangelia Psychogiopoulou, Culture in the EU's External Economic Relations