Friday, October 12, 2007

Conference: Effective International Dispute Settlement for Public and Private Actors

World Legal Forum, an initiative of the Science Alliance, the International Criminal Law Network, and other partners, will host a conference on Effective International Dispute Settlement for Public and Private Actors, December 10-12, 2007, in The Hague. The program is here. Why attend?

Since the Hague Peace Conference of 1907, the nature of international law has changed dramatically. Not only has the international balance of power changed substantially; the power of individual countries has been balanced by international law itself. At the same time, companies have developed into new international powerhouses, not only economically but also legally. Moreover, NGOs have become global players and laid the foundation for new international legal structures.

Today, both public and private actors are responsible for managing safe and reliable international interactions. World Legal Forum (WLF) will therefore bring together academics, businessmen and policy makers to discuss "Effective International Dispute Settlement".

WLF will be an interdisciplinary, intercultural and intersectoral platform where speakers from all over the world will engage in an open and informal debate about dispute settlement. The audience will consist of members of the judiciary, parliamentarians, policymakers, businessmen, legal practitioners and academics working in the field of international law and international relations.