Wednesday, June 15, 2022

New Issue: Review of International Organizations

The latest issue of the Review of International Organizations (Vol. 17, no. 3, July 2022) is out. Contents include:
  • Ben Cormier & Mark S. Manger, Power, ideas, and World Bank conditionality
  • Faisal Z. Ahmed, From grievances to civil war: The impact of geopolitics
  • Céline Carrère, Marcelo Olarreaga, & Damian Raess, Labor clauses in trade agreements: Hidden protectionism?
  • Maria J. Debre, Clubs of autocrats: Regional organizations and authoritarian survival
  • Zenobia T. Chan & Sophie Meunier, Behind the screen: Understanding national support for a foreign investment screening mechanism in the European Union
  • Steven Liao & Daniel McDowell, Closing time: Reputational constraints on capital account policy in emerging markets
  • Jacque Gao, Investment with insecure property rights: Capital outflow openness under dictatorship
  • Charles B. Roger & Sam S. Rowan, Analyzing international organizations: How the concepts we use affect the answers we get
  • Christopher Kilby & Carolyn McWhirter, The World Bank COVID-19 response: Politics as usual?