Sunday, January 10, 2021

New Issue: International Journal of Human Rights

The latest issue of the International Journal of Human Rights (Vol. 25, no. 1, 2021) is out. Contents include:
  • Special Issue: The right to privacy in the digital age: different perspectives around the globe
    • Kristian P. Humble, International law, surveillance and the protection of privacy
    • Özgür Heval Çɪnar, The current case law of the European Court of Human Rights on privacy: challenges in the digital age
    • Aysem Diker Vanberg, Informational privacy post GDPR – end of the road or the start of a long journey?
    • Smitha Krishna Prasad & Sharngan Aravindakshan, Playing catch up – privacy regimes in South Asia
    • Alex B. Makulilo, The long arm of GDPR in Africa: reflection on data privacy law reform and practice in Mauritius
    • Carlos Affonso Souza, Caio César de Oliveira, Christian Perrone & Giovana Carneiro, From privacy to data protection: the road ahead for the Inter-American System of human rights