Monday, September 9, 2019

New Issue: Ethics & International Affairs

The latest issue of Ethics & International Affairs (Vol. 33, no. 3, Fall 2019) is out. Contents include:
  • Essay
    • Claudia Fuentes-Julio & Raslan Ibrahim, A Human Rights Approach to Conflict Resolution
  • Roundtable: Economic Sanctions and their Consequences
    • Joy Gordon, Introduction
    • Dursun Peksen, Political Effectiveness, Negative Externalities, and the Ethics of Economic Sanctions
    • Idriss Jazairy, Unilateral Economic Sanctions, International Law, and Human Rights
    • Joy Gordon, The Not So Targeted Instrument of Asset Freezes
  • Features
    • Janina Dill, Distinction, Necessity, and Proportionality: Afghan Civilians’ Attitudes toward Wartime Harm
    • Neil C. Renic, Battlefield Mercy: Unpacking the Nature and Significance of Supererogation in War
  • Review Essay
    • William Smith, The Ethics of (Un)Civil Resistance