Monday, January 8, 2018

New Volume: Yearbook on International Investment Law & Policy

The latest volume of the Yearbook on International Investment Law & Policy (2015-2016) is out. Contents include:
  • Part One
    • Ilan Strauss, Explaining Global Trends in FDI in 2015 and Beyond
    • Jesse Coleman, Lisa Sachs, Lise Johnson, & Kanika Gupta, International Investment Agreements, 2015-2016: A Review of Trends and New Approaches
    • Notable Developments in International Investment Arbitration Case Law: 2015-2016, Kendra Magraw
  • Part Two
    • Karen Remmer, The Outcomes of Investment Treaty Arbitration: A Reassessment
    • Mark Feldman, Multinational Enterprises and Investment Treaties
    • Shu XU, Yingying Wu & Henry Hailong Jia, Investment Law's Roots in Customary International Law: Why investment law and trade diverge regarding the Right to Regulate
    • Jean-Michel Marcoux, Embedding the International Investment Regime: An assessment of UNCTAD's proposal for reform
    • Eve Bain, When Some Are More Equal Than Others: The need for a more substantive conception of 'equality of the parties' in investment arbitration
    • Facundo Pérez-Aznar, Federal States and Investment Arbitration
    • Giorgio Sacerdoti, Has China Become 'Legally' a Market-Economy Country on 11 December 2016 under The WTO Antidumping Agreement? Analyzing an open question
    • Chin Leg Lim, Fragrant Harbour and Oyster Mirror: Beijing's investment treaty policy toward Hong Kong and Macao
    • Gus Van Harten & Dayna Nadine Scott, Investment Treaties and the Internal Vetting of Regulatory Proposals: A Case Study from Canada (Part 2)
    • Ely Caetano Xavier Junior & José Augusto Fontoura Costa, Expropriation in Brazil's Cooperation and Facilitation Investment Agreements: A failed attempt to think outside the box