Tuesday, January 16, 2018

New Volume: Finnish Yearbook of International Law

The latest volume of the Finnish Yearbook of International Law (Vol. 24, 2014) is out. Contents include:
  • Articles
    • Tilmann Altwicker, Explaining the Emergence of Transnational Counter-Terrorism Legislation in International Law-Making
    • Mehrnoosh Farzamfar, Diplomatic Assurances in Cases of Expulsion to Torture:A Critical Analysis
    • Vincent Dalpé, Delimiting the ICC's Ominous Shadow: An Analysis of the Inability Criterion's Nebulous Contours
  • Special Section: Sovereignty, Territory and Jurisdiction
    • Ilja Richard Pavone, The Ukraine Crisis as a Paradigm of the Limits of International Law and the West's Faults
    • Richard C Watkins, Jurisdiction in International Human Rights Law: Application of the European Convention to Soldiers Deployed Overseas
    • Heini Tuura, Intervention by Invitation and the Principle of Self-Determination in the Crimean Crisis
    • Marc Shucksmith-Wesley, Uti Possidetis: The Procrustean Bed of International Law?
    • Giuliano Vosa, From Authorisation to Multi-Parliamentarism: Parliaments in Global Law-Making