Sunday, November 12, 2017

Klein et al.: The Paris Agreement on Climate Change: Analysis and Commentary

Daniel Klein (Secretariat, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), Maria Pia Carazo (Univ. for Peace), Meinhard Doelle (Dalhousie Univ. - Law), Jane Bulmer (Secretariat, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), & Andrew Higham (Mission 2020) have published The Paris Agreement on Climate Change: Analysis and Commentary (Oxford Univ. Press 2017). Here's the abstract:

The most important climate agreement in history, the Paris Agreement on Climate Change represents the commitment of the nations of the world to address and curb climate change.Signed in December 2015, it entered into force on 4th November 2016. Countries are moving into implementation, and efforts at all levels will be needed to fulfill its ambitious goals.

The Paris Climate Agreement: Commentary and Analysis combines a comprehensive legal appraisal and critique of the new Agreement with a practical and structured commentary to all its Articles. Part I discusses the general context for the Paris Agreement, detailing the scientific, political, and social drivers behind it, providing an overview of the pre-existing regime, and tracking the history of the negotiations. It examines the evolution of key concepts such as common but differentiated responsibilities, and analyses the legal form of the Agreement and the nature of its provisions. Part II comprises individual chapters on each Article of the Agreement, with detailed commentary of the provisions which highlights central aspects from the negotiating history and the legal nature of the obligations. It describes the institutional arrangements and considerations for national implementation, providing practical advice and prospects for future development. Part III reflects on the Paris Agreement as a whole: its strengths and weaknesses, its potential for further development, and its relationship with other areas of public international law and governance.