Friday, June 9, 2017

New Issue: Asia-Pacific Journal of Ocean Law and Policy

The latest issue of the Asia-Pacific Journal of Ocean Law and Policy (Vol. 2, no. 1, 2017) is out. Contents include:
  • The South China Sea
    • Seokwoo Lee & Clive Schofield, Introduction to the Special Issue
    • Nengye Liu & Md Saiful Karim, South China Sea after the Philippines v. China Arbitration: Conflict and Cooperation in Troubled Waters
    • Hui Zhong & Michael White, South China Sea: Its Importance for Shipping, Trade, Energy and Fisheries
    • Matthew Stubbs & Dale Stephens, Dredge Your Way to China? The Legal Significance of Chinese Reclamation and Construction in the South China Sea
    • Michelle Lim & Nengye Liu, Condominium Arrangements as a Legal Mechanism for the Conservation of the South China Sea Large Marine Ecosystem
    • Jeffrey McGee; Brendan Gogarty & Danielle Smith, Associational Balance of Power and the Possibilities for International Law in the South China Sea
    • Cameron Moore, The Arbitral Award in the Matter of the South China Sea between the Philippines and China: What are the Implications for Freedom of Navigation and the Use of Force?
    • Edwin Bikundo, Artificial Islands, Artificial Highways and Pirates: An East African Perspective on the South China Sea Disputes
  • State Law of the Sea Practice in Asian Pacific States
    • Jeffrey J. Smith, A High Tide of Cooperation?
    • Lowell Bautista, Philippine Recent Legal Developments on Adapting to Climate Change
    • Zaki Mubarok Busro, Burning and/or Sinking Foreign Fishing Vessels Conducting Illegal Fishing in Indonesia
  • Current Legal Developments
    • Mirko Forti, International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, Case 25, the M/V “Norstar” Case (Panama v Italy), a Brief Commentary on the Judgment on Preliminary Objections
    • Donald K. Anton, Negotiating the Settlement of the Timor Sea Boundary Dispute between Australia and Timor Leste