Monday, October 17, 2016

Call for Papers: 4th Annual Conference of the International Network on Transnational Legal and Political Theory

The International Network on Transnational Legal and Political Theory has issued a call for papers for its 4th Annual Conference, to take place May 7-8, 2017, at Bar-Ilan University. Here's the call:

Call for Papers: The 4th Annual Conference of the International Network on Transnational Legal and Political Theory

Bar-Ilan University Law Faculty, Israel, 7-8 May, 2017

The field of transnational and political theory is undergoing major changes. As trends of globalization intensify, cross-border legal, political, economic, social (and other) links increase, scholarship in the field is rapidly expanding and diversifying. Such times invite a reflection on the state of the field – mapping the main topics of discussion, assessing its major contributions thus far, identifying existing gaps, and critically thinking about possible trajectories to be pursued in the future.

The conference aims to provide scholars with an opportunity to present and discuss work in progress on key questions faced by transnational legal and political theory. Possible topics may include (but are not limited to):

  • The role of formal and informal networks in transnational law
  • The intersection/clash between different bodies of law in the transnational legal context (e.g., international human rights law/international humanitarian law, national/international law etc.)
  • Private ordering in the transnational domain
  • Political obligation in the global context
  • The rule of law in the transnational arena
  • The “glocal” effects of international and national institutions
  • The rights, duties and accountability of non-state actors at the global level
  • Community autonomy and quality of relations between political communities
  • Social justice in transnational and international law
  • Global governance and questions of legitimacy

We welcome dialogue across philosophical, historical, political, socio-economic and legal disciplines.

The conference will be hosted by Bar-Ilan Faculty of Law on 7-8 May 2017.

Prospective participants are invited to submit their applications by 15 November 2016, by email, to the conference conveners:

Prof. Oren Perez:
Dr. Sivan Shlomo Agon:
Dr. Ziv Bohrer:

The Conference Academic Committee: Oren Perez, Sivan Shlomo Agon, Ziv Bohrer, Maks Del Mar and Nicole Roughan.

Please include in your submission:

  • An abstract of 500 – 750 words (in English)
  • Your name(s), affiliation(s) and contact information
  • A brief bio

The conference will be held in English. Lunch and dinner will be covered for the conference participants. Participants are kindly requested to make their own travel arrangements. The organizers will provide a list of recommended hotels.

Any questions about the conference may be directed by email to the conference conveners in the email addresses indicated above.