Thursday, August 25, 2016

Call for Submissions: Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law

The Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law has issued a call for submissions on the theme "Armed Groups" for its forthcoming volume 19 (2016). Here's the call:

Call for Papers - Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law, Vol. 19 (2016)

General theme: Armed Groups

Most of today’s armed conflicts are fought between armed groups and State forces. The term armed groups covers a huge variety of different organisations: militias, warlord factions and highly organised (terrorist) groups, such as the organisation that calls itself Islamic State. Their role challenges the traditionally state-oriented character of international law: are the rules on the use of force still adequate for dealing with the threat of violent non-state actors? Do we need a definition or criteria for determining what constitutes an armed group? How can compliance of such groups with international humanitarian law be improved? How can responsibilities of such groups, in times of conflict, be established under general public international law?

The general theme of Vol. 19 of the Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law (YIHL) will therefore look at these and other challenges arising from the participation of armed groups in contemporary armed conflicts.

In addition to this general theme, there is of course also the possibility to submit articles on international humanitarian law topics not related to this general theme.

Interested authors should send their submission, related to the above general theme, or to another international humanitarian law topic of relevance in today’s world, before 1 October 2016, to the Managing Editor of the YIHL, Dr. Christophe Paulussen ( Articles should be submitted in conformity with the YIHL guidelines. The Editorial Board aims to publish Vol. 19 (2016) at the end of the ensuing year, in December 2017 at the latest.