Monday, June 29, 2015

Plesch & Weiss: Wartime Origins and the Future United Nations

Dan Plesch (SOAS, Univ. of London - Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy) & Thomas G. Weiss (City Univ. of New York - Political Science) have published Wartime Origins and the Future United Nations (Routledge 2015). Contents include:
  • Margaret Joan Anstee, Foreword
  • Dan Plesch & Thomas G. Weiss, Introduction: Past as Prelude, Multilateralism as a Tactic and Strategy
  • J. Simon Rofe, Prewar and Wartime Postwar Planning: Antecedents to the UN Moment in San Francisco
  • Giles Scott-Smith, UN Public Diplomacy: Communicating the Post-National Message
  • Miriam Intrator, Educators across Borders: The Council of Allied Ministers of Education, 1942–45
  • Dan Plesch, A New Paradigm of International Criminal Justice? Reconsidering the 1943–1948 United Nations War Crimes Commission
  • Eli Karetny & Thomas G. Weiss, UNRRA’s Operational Genius and Institutional Design
  • Manu Bhagavan, Towards Universal Relief and Rehabilitation: India, UNRRA, and the New Internationalism
  • John Burley & Stephen Browne, The United Nations and Development: From the Origins to Current Challenges
  • Pallavi Roy, Financing Gaps, Competitiveness, and Capabilities: Why Bretton Woods Needs a Radical Rethink
  • Ruth Jacherz, Stable Agricultural Markets and World Order: The FAO, and ITO, 1943–1949
  • Dan Plesch & Thomas G. Weiss, Conclusion: Past as Prelude, Whither the United Nations?