Monday, June 29, 2015

New Issue: Review of International Political Economy

The latest issue of the Review of International Political Economy (Vol. 22, no. 3, 2015) is out. Contents include:
  • Special Issue: The Political Economy of the Euro Area's Sovereign Debt Crisis
    • David Howarth & Lucia Quaglia, The political economy of the euro area's sovereign debt crisis: introduction to the special issue of the Review of International Political Economy
    • Lucia Quaglia & Sebastián Royo, Banks and the political economy of the sovereign debt crisis in Italy and Spain
    • Deborah Mabbett & Waltraud Schelkle, What difference does Euro membership make to stabilization? The political economy of international monetary systems revisited
    • Juliet Johnson & Andrew Barnes, Financial nationalism and its international enablers: The Hungarian experience
    • Dermot Hodson, The IMF as a de facto institution of the EU: A multiple supervisor approach
    • Daniela Schwarzer, Building the euro area's debt crisis management capacity with the IMF
    • Michele Chang & Patrick Leblond, All in: Market expectations of eurozone integrity in the sovereign debt crisis