Monday, May 4, 2015

Kamperman Sanders: The Principle of National Treatment in International Economic Law

Anselm Kamperman Sanders (Maastricht Univ. - Law) has published The Principle of National Treatment in International Economic Law: Trade, Investment and Intellectual Property (Edward Elgar Publishing 2014). Contents include:
  • Thomas Cottier & Lena Schneller, The philosophy of non-discrimination in international trade regulation
  • Lothar Ehring, National treatment under the GATT 1994: Jurisprudential developments on de facto discrimination
  • James Flett, National treatment under the General Agreement on Trade in Services
  • Arthur E. Appleton, National treatment under the TBT Agreement
  • Denise Prévost, National treatment in the SPS Agreement: A sui generis obligation
  • David Collins, National treatment in emerging market investment treaties
  • Leïla Choukroune, National treatment in international investment law and arbitration: A relative standard for autonomous public regulation and sovereign development
  • Christopher Heath, National treatment under the Paris Convention
  • Robert Brauneis, National treatment in copyright and related rights: How much work does it do?
  • Anselm Kamperman Sanders, National treatment under the TRIPS Agreement
  • Sierd J. Schaafsma, The hidden conflict-of-law rule in the Berne and Paris principle of national treatment