Monday, April 20, 2015

Halliday & Shaffer: Transnational Legal Orders

Terence C. Halliday (American Bar Foundation) & Gregory Shaffer (Univ. of California, Irvine - Law) have published Transnational Legal Orders (Cambridge Univ. Press 2015). Contents include:
  • Terence Halliday & Gregory Shaffer, Transnational legal orders
  • Susan Block-Lieb & Terrence Halliday, Settling in transnational legal orders: corporate bankruptcy law and international trade by sea
  • Roderick Macdonald, When lenders have too much cash and borrowers have too little law: the emergence of secured-transactions transnational legal orders
  • Philip Genschel & Thomas Rixen, Settling and unsettling the transnational legal order of international taxation
  • Gregory Shaffer & Michael Waibel, The alignment of the transnational legal orders for monetary and trade law
  • Eric Helleiner, The emergence and limits of the transnational financial legal order: regulating the regulators
  • Tim Büthe, Institutionalization and its consequences: the TLO(s) for food safety
  • Daniel Bodansky, Climate change: bottom-up evolution or international failure?
  • Laurence Helfer, Pharmaceutical patents and the human right to health: the contested evolution of the transnational legal order on access to medicines
  • Jothie Rajah, 'Rule of law' as transnational legal order
  • Sally Merry, Firming up soft law: the impact of indicators on transnational human rights legal orders
  • Paulette Lloyd & Beth Simmons, Framing and transnational legal organization: the case of human trafficking
  • Leigh Payne, The justice paradox?: Transnational legal orders and accountability for past human rights violations
  • Terence Halliday & Gregory Shaffer, Researching transnational legal orders