Thursday, January 29, 2015

New Issue: International Criminal Law Review

The latest issue of the International Criminal Law Review (Vol. 14, no. 6, 2014) is out. Contents include:
  • Dominik Steiger, A Steady Race towards Better Compliance with International Humanitarian Law? The ICTR 1995–2012
  • Shahrzad Fouladvand, Complementarity and Cultural Sensitivity: Decision-making by the International Criminal Court Prosecutor in the Darfur Situation
  • Hanna Bosdriesz & Sander Wirken, An Imperfect Success – The Guatemalan Genocide Trial and the Struggle against Impunity for International Crimes
  • Jacob Childers, Amnesty, Revenge, and the Threat of Conflict Relapse
  • Mayeul Hiéramente, Philipp Müller & Emma Ferguson, Barasa, Bribery and Beyond: Offences against the Administration of Justice at the International Criminal Court
  • Julia Rutz, The Framework of the Right to Defence in Palestine: Legal Rationale and Practical Implementation
  • Jessica M. Kelder, Barbora Holá & Joris van Wijk, Rehabilitation and Early Release of Perpetrators of International Crimes: A Case Study of the ICTY and ICTR