Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Lalonde & McDorman: International Law and Politics of the Arctic Ocean

Suzanne Lalonde (Université de Montréal - Law) & Ted L. McDorman (Univ. of Victoria - Law) have published International Law and Politics of the Arctic Ocean: Essays in Honor of Donat Pharand (Brill | Nijhoff 2015). Contents include:
  • Donald McRae, Foreword
  • Suzanne Lalonde & Ronald St. J. Macdonald, Donat Pharand: The Arctic Scholar
  • Kristin Bartenstein, The Arctic Region Council Revisited – Inspiring Future Development of the Arctic Council
  • Andrea Charron, Lessons Learned and Lost from Pharand’s Arctic Regional Council Treaty Proposal
  • Julia Jabour, Pharand’s Arctic Treaty: Would an Antarctic Treaty-style Model Work in the Arctic?
  • Armand de Mestral, Article 234 of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea: Its Origins and Its Future
  • J. Ashley Roach, A Note on Making the Polar Code Mandatory
  • Ted L. McDorman, A Note on the Potential Conflicting Treaty Rights and Obligations between the IMO’s Polar Code and Article 234 of the Law of the Sea Convention
  • Donald R. Rothwell, The United States and Arctic Straits: The Northwest Passage and the Bering Strait
  • Frédéric Lasserre & Olga Alexeeva, Analysis of Maritime Transit Trends in the Arctic Passages
  • Bernard H. Oxman, Canada’s Arctic Waters: Comments on Circumnavigating the Legal Dispute
  • Elizabeth B. Elliot-Meisel, Understanding the Canada-United States Arctic Relationship
  • P. Whitney Lackenbauer & Peter Kikkert, The Dog in the Manger – and Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie: The United States, Canada and the Sector Principle, 1924–1955
  • Jonathan R. Edge & David L. VanderZwaag, Canada – Russia Relations in the Arctic – Conflictual Rhetoric, Cooperative Realities
  • Alex G. Oude Elferink, Does Recent Practice of the Russian Federation Point to an Arctic Sunset for the Sector Principle?
  • Clive Schofield & Blanche Sas, Uncovered and Unstable Coasts: Climate Change and Territorial Sea Baselines in the Arctic
  • Andrew Serdy, Delineation of the Outer Limits of Canada’s Arctic Ocean Continental Shelf and Its Delimitation with Neighboring States: Does It Matter Which Comes First?
  • Betsy Baker, A Note on Arctic Information Platforms and International Law