Sunday, September 19, 2010

Symposium: Governing Civil Society: NGO Accountability, Legitimacy and Influence

The Dennis J. Block Center for International Business Law at Brooklyn Law School and the Brooklyn Journal of International Law will host a symposium on "Governing Civil Society: NGO Accountability, Legitimacy and Influence," October 22, 2010. Here's the idea:
The symposium will bring together prominent scholars and experts in a range of subject matters and disciplines to address how improving NGOs as institutions relates to the legitimacy of their role in civil society. International organizations scholars consider NGO legitimacy both among the constituencies affected by NGO efforts and as they operate within international institutions that develop norms and make law. Nonprofit law scholars tread similar ground, but often focus on the internal workings and external regulation of nonprofit organizations and how their missions can be accomplished most accountably and effectively. This program will bring together these disparate, but linked, disciplines for an important conversation on enhancing these essential institutions.