Thursday, February 25, 2010

Conference: Junior International Law Scholars Association

Tomorrow, February 26, 2010, the Junior International Law Scholars Association will hold its annual conference at the University of California Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco. Here's the program:
  • Paper Panel 1: Uniformity and Diversity in International Legal Theory
    • Evan Criddle, “Securing Human Rights in Emergencies: Insights from Fiduciary Theory” - Comment: Julian Davis Mortenson
    • Omar Dajani, “Mandatory Rules of International Law?” - Comment: Jerry Vildostegui
    • Lesley Wexler, “Disunified Theory of the Laws of War” - Comment: Harlan Cohen
  • Paper Panel 2: Fragmented Regulation in a Transnational World
    • Anthony Colangelo, “The Foreign Commerce Clause” - Comment: Michael Granne
    • Molly Beutz Land, “Federalism, Localism, and International Law” - Comment: Trey Childress
    • Anna Spain, “Global Legal Integration: The Emerging Architecture of Dispute Resolution in an Era of Climate Change” - Comment: Nienke Grossman
  • Breakout Session: Early Stage Paper Ideas
    • Group 1: Meg deGuzman, Moria Paz, Susan Benesch, Chimène Keitner - Moderator: Harlan Cohen
    • Group 2: Shahram Dana, Nienke Grossman, Patricia Judd, Julian Davis Mortenson - Moderator: David Zaring
  • Paper Panel 3: The Shape of International Justice
    • Caroline Davidson, “Are Human Rights Not Compelling Enough? Bail at International Criminal Tribunals” - Comment: Meg deGuzman
    • Sasha Greenawalt, “The Pluralism of International Criminal Law” - Comment: Susan Benesch
    • Noah Novogrodsky, “Transnational Jurisdiction: The Power To Say What Can’t Be Said” - Comment: Paul Dubinsky
  • Remarks by incoming ASIL President David Caron