Thursday, February 12, 2009

Conference: Junior International Law Scholars Association

Tomorrow, February 13th, the Junior International Law Scholars Association will host its annual conference at Temple Law School in Philadelphia. Here's the program:

  • Session I: Theories of International Law and Development of IL Norms
    • Tai-Heng Cheng (New York Law School), "An International Law Paradigm: Integrating Law, Policy and Politics" - Comment: Stavros Gadinis (Harvard Univ. - Law)
    • Michael Granne (Seton Hall Univ. - Law), "The 'One Voice' of Two-Dimensional Federalism and Foreign Affairs Preemption" - Comment: Jacob Katz Cogan (Univ. of Cincinnati - Law)
    • Jaya Ramji-Nogales (Temple Univ. - Law), "Resolving Dueling Legitimacies: Law, Morality, and Transitional Justice" - Comment: Meg deGuzman (Georgetown Univ. - Law)
  • Session II: Early Stage Projects—Crime and Human Rights
    • Jenia Iontcheva Turner (Southern Methodist Univ. - Law), "Ethics for International Criminal Defense"
    • Caroline Davidson (Willamette Univ. - Law), "Bail for Genocide?"
    • Kristen Boon (Seton Hall Univ. - Law), "Transformative Property Rights: The Developing Right to Property in International Law"
    • Session discussion leader: Harlan Cohen (Univ. of Georgia - Law)
  • Session III: Transnational Environmental, Labor & Employment Law
    • Katerina Linos (Harvard Univ. - Society of Fellows), "Path Dependence and Cross-National Borrowing in Employment Discrimination Law: A U.S.-E.U. Comparison" - Comment: Robin Effron (Brooklyn Law School)
    • Karen Bravo (Indiana Univ., Indianapolis - Law), "Transborder Labor Liberalization: A Path to Enforcement of the Global Social Contract for Labor?" - Comment: Lesley Wexler (Florida State Univ. - Law)
    • Hari Osofsky (Washington and Lee Univ. - Law), "Diagonal Climate Regulation: Implications for the Obama Administration" - Comment: Rebecca Bratspies (City Univ. of New York - Law)
  • Methods Session: Social Science and International Law - David Abrams (Univ. of Pennsylvania - Law) & Jessica Stanton (Univ. of Pennsylvania - Political Science)