Wednesday, August 31, 2022

New Volume: Netherlands Yearbook of International Law

The latest volume of the Netherlands Yearbook of International Law (Vol. 51, 2020) is out. Contents include:
  • Global Solidarity and Common but Differentiated Responsibilities
    • Maarten den Heijer & Harmen van der Wilt, Global Solidarity and Common but Differentiated Responsibilities
    • Volker Roeben & Mark Amakoromo, Responsibility, Solidarity and Their Connections in International Law: Towards a Coherent Framework
    • Lonneke Peperkamp, Differentiating in the Distribution of Responsibilities: A Philosophical Analysis
    • Francesca Romanin Jacur, Solidarity and Differentiation: Moral and Legal Obligations of States in Addressing Global Challenges - The Case of Climate Change
    • Richard Barnes, Global Solidarity, Differentiated Responsibilities and the Law of the Sea
    • Tara Davenport, Differentiated Rights and Responsibilities in Activities in the Area – From Wealth Redistribution to Marine Environmental Protection
    • Ingo Venzke & Geraldo Vidigal, Are Unilateral Trade Measures in the Climate Crisis the End of Differentiated Responsibilities? The Case of the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM)
    • Owen McIntyre, Embedding ‘Solidarity’ in International Water Law: Framing ‘Equity’ in Transboundary Water Governance
    • Chenguang Wang & Yi Zhang, Common but Differentiated Responsibilities and Respective Capabilities as a Guiding Principle in International Health Law in Times of Pandemics
    • Yvonne Donders, The Flexibility Device in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
    • Elizabeth Mavropoulou & Lilian Tsourdi, Solidarity as Normative Rationale for Differential Treatment: Common but Differentiated Responsibilities from International Environmental to EU Asylum Law?
    • Terry D. Gill, Reconciling the Irreconcilable: Some Thoughts on Belligerent Equality in Non-international Armed Conflicts