Thursday, July 28, 2022

New Issue: Journal of Conflict Resolution

The latest issue of the Journal of Conflict Resolution (Vol. 66, nos. 7-8, August-September 2022) is out. Contents include:
  • Articles
    • Peter Krause, Daniel Gustafson, Jordan Theriault, & Liane Young, Knowing is Half the Battle: How Education Decreases the Fear of Terrorism
    • Federico Masera & Hasin Yousaf, The Charitable Terrorist: State Capacity and the Support for the Pakistani Taliban
    • Mark Peffley, Marc L. Hutchison, & Michal Shamir, Terrorism and Political Tolerance toward “Fellow Travelers”
    • Melani Cammett, Christiana Parreira, Dominika Kruszewska-Eduardo, & Sami Atallah, Commitment to the “National” in Post-Conflict Countries: Public and Private Security Provision in Lebanon
    • Richard E Ericson & Lester A Zeager, Coordination and Fair Division in Refugee Responsibility Sharing
    • Howard Liu, Dissent Networks, State Repression, and Strategic Clemency for Defection
    • Charles Butcher & Jonathan Pinckney, Friday on My Mind: Re-Assessing the Impact of Protest Size on Government Concessions
    • Christopher W. Blair, Restitution or Retribution? Detainee Payments and Insurgent Violence
    • Henrikas Bartusevičius & Florian van Leeuwen, Poor Prospects—Not Inequality—Motivate Political Violence
    • Donald Grasse, Oil Crops and Social Conflict: Evidence From Indonesia
    • Matthew Cancian, The Impact of Modern-System Training on Battlefield Participation by Kurdish Soldiers
    • Noam Reich, Signaling Strength with Handicaps
  • Data Set Feature
    • Joshua Jackson, Andrew P. Owsiak, Gary Goertz, & Paul F. Diehl, Getting to the Root of the Issue(s): Expanding the Study of Issues in MIDs (the MID-Issue Dataset, Version 1.0)