Friday, May 13, 2022

Special Issue: Bias in International Law

The latest issue of the German Law Journal (Vol. 23, no. 3, April 2022) focuses on "Bias in International Law." Contents include:
  • Special Issue: Bias in International Law
    • Veronika Fikfak, Daniel Peat, & Eva van der Zee, Bias in International Law
    • Moshe Hirsch, Regulators’ Mindsets, Ingroup Favoritism, and the National Treatment Obligation in World Trade Organization Law
    • Benedikt Pirker & Izabela Skoczeń, Pragmatic Inferences and Moral Factors in Treaty Interpretation—Applying Experimental Linguistics to International Law
    • Jonathan Kolieb, Consuming International Law: Towards an Experimental Research Agenda for Understanding the Effects of Corporate International Humanitarian Law Violations on Consumer Buying Behavior
    • Runar Hilleren Lie, The Influencers of International Investment Law: A Computational Study of ISDS Actors’ Changing Behavior
    • Evangelia Nissioti, It Takes Three to Tango: A Behavioral Analysis of the Benefits of Having a Mediator in International Disputes
    • Eva van der Zee, How Insights on Bounded Rationality Could Inform the International Law of Environmental Assessments
    • Ezgi Yildiz & Umut Yüksel, Understanding the Limitations of Behavioralism: Lessons from the Field of Maritime Delimitation