Friday, September 11, 2020

New Issue: International Affairs

The latest issue of International Affairs (Vol. 96, no. 5, September 2020) is out. Contents include:
  • Special Section: Sexual Violence in the Wrong(ed) Bodies: Moving Beyond the Gender Binary in International Relations
    • Paula Drumond, Elizabeth Mesok, & Marysia Zalewski, Sexual violence in the wrong(ed) bodies: moving beyond the gender binary in International Relations
    • Chris Dolan, Maria Eriksson Baaz, & Maria Stern, What is sexual about conflict-related sexual violence? Stories from men and women survivors
    • Philipp Schulz & Heleen Touquet, Queering explanatory frameworks for wartime sexual violence against men
    • Billy Holzberg & Priya Raghavan, Securing the nation through the politics of sexual violence: tracing resonances between Delhi and Cologne
    • Paul Kirby, Sexual violence in the border zone: the EU, the Women, Peace and Security agenda and carceral humanitarianism in Libya
  • Articles
    • Sara E Davies & Clare Wenham, Why the COVID-19 response needs International Relations
    • Simon Reich & Peter Dombrowski, The consequence of COVID-19: how the United States moved from security provider to security consumer
    • Carla Norrlöf, Is COVID-19 the end of US hegemony? Public bads, leadership failures and monetary hegemony
    • Michael Chertoff, Patrick Bury, & Daniela Richterova, Bytes not waves: information communication technologies, global jihadism and counterterrorism
    • Kai Liao, The future war studies community and the Chinese revolution in military affairs
    • Marwa Daoudy, Water weaponization in the Syrian conflict: strategies of domination and cooperation
    • Ann-Kathrin Rothermel, Global–local dynamics in anti-feminist discourses: an analysis of Indian, Russian and US online communities
    • Kjølv Egeland, Who stole disarmament? History and nostalgia in nuclear abolition discourse