Saturday, March 21, 2020

Haskell & Rasulov: New Voices and New Perspectives in International Economic Law

John D. Haskell (Univ. of Manchester - Law) & Akbar Rasulov (Univ. of Glasgow - Law) have published New Voices and New Perspectives in International Economic Law (Springer 2020). Contents include:
  • Akbar Rasulov, Introduction: The Discipline of International Economic Law at a Crossroads
  • Ntina Tzouvala, The Ordo-Liberal Origins of Modern International Investment Law: Constructing Competition on a Global Scale
  • Michael Fakhri, A History of Food Security and Agriculture in International Trade Law, 1945–2017
  • Athene Richford, The Authority of Language in International Law: From Sovereignty to Economic Certainty
  • Nicolás M. Perrone, Taking Local Expectations Seriously: A Fresh Start for Foreign Investment Governance?
  • Mavluda Sattorova, Mustafa Erkan, & Ohiocheoya Omiunu, How Do Host States Respond to Investment Treaty Law? Some Empirical Observations
  • Alexandre Belle, Mamatas and Others v. Greece: How the European Court of Human Rights Could Change Sovereign Debt Restructuration
  • John D. Haskell, Doing Things with Political Economy (as a Public International Law Academic)
  • Maria Tzanakopoulou, Social Consensus in the EMU: The Constitutional Tenets of a Currency Union