Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Bell: Empire, Race and Global Justice

Duncan Bell (Univ. of Cambridge - Politics and International Studies) has published Empire, Race and Global Justice (Cambridge Univ. Press 2019). Contents include:
  • Duncan Bell, Introduction: Empire, Race and Global Justice
  • Katrina Forrester, Reparations, History and the Origins of Global Justice
  • Samuel Moyn, The Doctor’s Plot: The Origins of the Philosophy of Human Rights
  • Sundhya Pahuja, Corporations, Universalism, and the Domestication of Race in International Law
  • Charles W. Mills, Race and Global Justice
  • Inés Valdez, Association, Reciprocity, and Emancipation: A Transnational Account of the Politics of Global Justice
  • Anne Phillips, Global Justice: Just Another Modernisation Theory?
  • Margaret Kohn, Globalizing Global Justice
  • Jeanne Morefield, Challenging Liberal Belief: Edward Said and the Critical Practice of History
  • Kimberley Hutchings, Cosmopolitan Just War and Coloniality
  • Catherine Lu, Decolonizing Borders, Self-Determination, and Global Justice