Wednesday, April 18, 2018

New Volume: Japanese Yearbook of International Law

The latest volume of the Japanese Yearbook of International Law (Vol. 60, 2017) is out. Contents include:
  • In Memoriam
    • Professor Dr. Yasuo Ishimoto (1924-2015)
  • Uniform Law Treaties: Their Reception, Implementation, Success and Failure
    • Hiroo Sono, Introductory Note
    • Hiroo Sono, Going Forward with Uniform Private Law Treaties: A Study in Japan’s Behavioral Pattern
    • Tomotaka Fujita, When Does Japan Not Conclude Uniform Private Law Conventions?
    • Souichirou Kozuka, The Selective Reception of Uniform Law in Asia
    • Tetsuo Morishita, Successes and Failures of Harmonization of Commercial Laws
  • New Japanese Legislation for Peace And Security (2015) and International Law
    • Shunji Yanai, New Japanese Legislation for Peace and Security — Its Background and Salient Points —
    • Tadashi Mori, Collective Self-Defence in International Law and in the New Japanese Legislation for Peace and Security (2015)
    • Akira Mayama, The Constitutional Limitation on the Exercise of the Right of Collective Self-Defense: Minesweeping in Foreign Territorial Waters and Close-In Logistical Support for Belligerents
    • Masahiro Kurosaki, The Legal Frameworks of “Coming-To-Aid” Duty: The Pluralism of the Concept of Self-Defense and Its Multi-Layered Legal Grounds
  • Half a Century with the International Covenants on Human Rights: Long-Term Impacts on the World, Asia and Japan: Part Two
    • Naoko Maeda, Forty Years’ Practice of the UN Human Rights Committee for Implementation of the Covenant: A Universal Model for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights
    • Walter Kälin, Human Rights Treaties within the UPR Process: Opportunities and Limits of Inter-Governmental Monitoring of Human Rights
    • Kimio Yakushiji, Developments in the Acceptance and Implementation of Obligations Defined in Core UN Human Rights Conventions by East Asian and Southeast Asian Countries
  • Unilateralism and Multilateralism in Regulating Cross-Border Business Transactions: Part Two
    • Yoshiaki Nomura, Fall of Extraterritoriality and Resurgence of Choice of Law in Global Securities Litigation
  • Special Lecture
    • Ronny Abraham, The Role of the ICJ in the Promotion of the Rule of Law
  • Japanese Digest of International Law
    • Shotaro Hamamoto, Territorial Status of the Northern Territories
    • Shin Hae Bong, Legislative, Administrative and Judicial Measures in Japan Against Racial Hate Speech
  • Cases and Issues in Japanese Private International Law
    • Dai Yokomizo, Recognition of a Foreign Judgment on Children Born Through Surrogate Pregnancy