Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Otto: Queering International Law

Dianne Otto (Univ. of Melbourne - Law) has published Queering International Law: Possibilities, Alliances, Complicities, Risks (Routledge 2017). Contents include:
  • Dianne Otto, Introduction: Embracing Queer Curiosity
  • Rahul Rao, A Tale of Two Atonements
  • Doris Buss & Blair Rutherford, ‘Dangerous Desires’: Illegality, Sexuality, and the Global Governance of Artisanal Mining
  • Monika Zalnieriute, The Anatomy of Neoliberal Internet Governance: A Queer Critical Political Economy Perspective
  • Vanja Hamzić, International Law as Violence: Competing Absences of the Other
  • Tamsin Phillipa Paige, The Maintenance of International Peace and Security Heteronormativity
  • Maria Elander, In Spite: Testifying to Sexual and Gender Based Violence during the Khmer Rouge period
  • Ratna Kapur, The Im/possibility of Queering Human Rights
  • Aeyal Gross, Homoglobalism: The Emergence of Global Gay Governance
  • Anniken Sørlie, Governing (Trans)Parenthood – The Tenacious hold of Biological Connection and Heterosexuality
  • Bina Fernandez, Queer Border Crossers: Pragmatic Complicities, Indiscretions and Subversions
  • Nan Seuffert, Queering International Law’s Stories of Origin: Hospitality and Homophobia
  • Diane Otto, Resisting the Heteronormative Imaginary of the Nation State: Rethinking Kinship and Border Protection