Thursday, June 1, 2017

Eger, Oeter, & Voigt: International Law and the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions

Thomas Eger (Univ. of Hamburg - Law), Stefan Oeter (Univ. of Hamburg - Law), & Stefan Voigt (Univ. of Hamburg - Law) have published International Law and the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions: An Economic Perspective. Contributions to the XIVth Travemünde Symposium on the Economic Analysis of Law (March 27–29, 2014) (Mohr Siebeck 2017). Contents include:
  • Eli Salzberger, Introduction into the topic
  • Hans-Joachim Heintze, Souvereignty and the Protection of Persons in the Event of Desasters
  • Comment by Wolfgang Weigel
  • Peter Lewisch, International Catastrophes – an Obligation to Cooperate?
  • Comments by Deborah Shmueli & Matthias Lemke
  • Hans-Heinrich Trute, How to deal with Transnational Pandemics?
  • Comment by Andreas Niklisch
  • Thilo Marauhn, Use of Drones
  • Comment by Amnon Reichman
  • Heike Krieger, Cyberwar
  • Comment by Jerg Gutmann
  • Tim Krieger, How to deal with International Terrorism
  • Comment by Stefan Oeter
  • Martina Caroni, Right to Intervene – Responsibility to Protect?
  • Comment by Gad Barzilai
  • Roland Vaubel, The Euro-Crisis – A Crisis of the Rule of Law?
  • Comment by Martin Nettesheim
  • August Reinisch, Rules for an Orderly Insolvency of Nation States
  • Comment by Hans-Bernd Schäfer