Saturday, December 10, 2016

Kamardeen: Global Trade and Sri Lanka

Naazima Kamardeen (Univ. of Colombo - Law) has published Global Trade and Sri Lanka: Which Way Forward? (Stamford Lake 2016). Here’s the abstract:

The law relating to global trade has been poorly understood in relation to the impact that it can have on the ability of developing nations to negotiate regional and free trade agreements. This book explains the main features of the WTO, including its dispute settlement mechanism, and goes on to analyse the implications for developing nations, of expanding the service and IP sectors.

The book also attempts to analyse the possible impacts of the free trade agreement currently being negotiated between Sri Lanka and India – the Indo-Sri Lanka Economic and Technology Cooperation Framework Agreement (ETCA), as well as the increased access to the domestic market proposed by mode 4 entry under the GATS. In addition, the book contains an analysis of the impact on the recently enacted Right to Information Act, and its impact on the transparency of trade agreements.