Friday, January 22, 2016

Aust & Nolte: The Interpretation of International Law by Domestic Courts: Uniformity, Diversity, Convergence

Helmut Philipp Aust (Humboldt Univ. Berlin - Law) & Georg Nolte (Humboldt Univ. Berlin - Law; Member, International Law Commission) have published The Interpretation of International Law by Domestic Courts: Uniformity, Diversity, Convergence (Oxford Univ. Press 2016). Contents include:
  • Georg Nolte, Introduction
  • Michael Waibel, Principles of Treaty Interpretation - Developed for and Applied by National Courts
  • André Nollkaemper, Grounds for the Application of International Rules of Interpretation in National Courts
  • Eirik Bjorge, 'Contractual' and 'Statutory' Treaty Interpretation in Domestic Courts? Convergence around the Vienna Rules
  • Antonios Tzanakopoulos, Judicial Dialogue as A Means of Interpretation
  • Mathias Forteau, The Role of the International Rules of Interpretation for the Determination of Direct Effect of International Agreements
  • Peter Staubach, The Interpretation of Unwritten International Law by Domestic Judges
  • Dire Tladi, Interpretation of Treaties in an International Law-Friendly Framework: the Case of South Africa
  • Alejandro Rodiles, The Law and Politics of the Pro Persona Principle in Latin America
  • Christian Djeffal, Dynamic and Evolutive Interpretation of the ECHR by Domestic Courts? An Inquiry into the Judicial Architecture of Europe
  • Julian Arato, Deference to the Executive: The US Debate in Global Perspective
  • Yukiko Takashiba, Gingerly Walking on the VCLT Frontier? Reflections from a Survey on the Interpretive Approach of the Japanese Courts to Treaties
  • Vik Kanwar, Treaty Interpretation in Indian Courts - Adherence, Coherence, and Convergence
  • Theresa Reinold, Diffusion Theories and the Interpretive Approaches of Domestic Courts
  • Achilles Skordas, Treaty Interpretation and Global Governance: The Role of Domestic Courts
  • Olga Frishman & Eyal Benvenisti, National Courts and Interpretive Approaches to International Law: The Case Against Convergence
  • Helmut Philipp Aust, Between Universal Aspiration and Local Application: Concluding Observations