Sunday, August 9, 2015

Gal-Or, Ryngaert, & Noortmann: Responsibilities of the Non-State Actor in Armed Conflict and the Market Place

Noemi Gal-Or (Kwantlen Polytechnic Univ.), Cedric Ryngaert (Utrecht Univ.), & Math Noortmann (Oxford Brookes Univ.) have published Responsibilities of the Non-State Actor in Armed Conflict and the Market Place: Theoretical Considerations and Empirical Findings (Brill | Nijhoff 2015). Contents include:
  • Noemi Gal-Or, Math Noortmann, & Cedric Ryngaert, Introduction
  • Geoffrey Harris, The Rise of Non-State Actors: A Supranational Institutional Perspective
  • Barbara Woodward, Non-State Actor Responsibilities: Obligations, Monitoring & Compliance
  • Wouter Vandenhole, Shared Responsibility of Non-State Actors: a Human Rights Perspective
  • Joanna Kyriakakis, Multinational Corporations, Legal Personality and International Crimes
  • Jordan J. Paust, Responsibilities of Armed Opposition Groups and Corporations for Violations of International Law and Possible Sanctions
  • Robin F. Hansen, MNEs as Enterprises in International Law
  • Anne van Aaken, Markets as an Accountability Mechanism in International Law
  • Pauline Collins, International Corporate Criminal Liability for Private Military and Security Companies - A Possibility?
  • Dai Tamada, Investors’ Responsibility towards Host States? Regulation of Corruption in Investor-State Arbitration
  • Manuel de Almeida Ribeiro, Responsibility of Private Entities in International Environmental Law: Transport of Oil by Sea and Nuclear Energy Production
  • Sara Seck & Anna Dolidze, ITLOS Case No. 17 and the Evolving Principles for Corporate Responsibility under International Law
  • Veronika Bílková, Establishing Direct Responsibility of Armed Opposition Groups for Violations of International Humanitarian Law?
  • Sten Verhoeven, International Responsibility of Armed Opposition: GROUPS Lessons from State Responsibility for Actions of Armed Opposition Groups
  • Annyssa Bellal, Establishing the Direct Responsibility of Non-State Armed Groups for Violations of International Norms: Issues of Attribution
  • Luke Moffett, Beyond Attribution: Responsibility of Armed Non-State Actors for Reparations in Northern Ireland, Colombia and Uganda
  • Francis Abiew & Noemi Gal-Or, International Responsibility of the AOG in International Law: Is there a Case for an African Approach?
  • Noemi Gal-Or, Math Noortmann, & Cedric Ryngaert, Can the AOG and MNC Be Liable in International Law?