Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sampford, Zifcak, & Aydin Okur: Rethinking International Law and Justice

Charles Sampford (Griffith Univ. - Institute for Ethics, Governance and Law), Spencer Zifcak (Australian Catholic Univ. - Law), & Derya Aydin Okur (Istanbul Kültür Univ. - Law) have published Rethinking International Law and Justice (Ashgate 2015). Here's the abstract:
  • Spencer Zifcak, Rethinking international law and justice
  • Steve Nabors, A right to fight: the belligerent’s privilege
  • Davide Tundo, Justice and protection of civilians in armed conflicts through the enforcement of the international legal obligations: the case of the Gaza Strip
  • Selman Karakul, How effective are national remedies in securing international justice?
  • Amrita Mukherjee, Rethinking justice: individual criminal responsibility, immunity and torture
  • Tomoko Ishikawa, Interpreting the most-favoured-nation clause in investment treaty arbitration: interpretation as a process of creating an obligation?
  • Angelica Bonfanti, Accountability of multinational corporations for human rights and environmental abuse: how far can extraterritorial jurisdiction go?
  • Bethany J. Spielman, The Alien Tort Statute as access to justice, post Kiobel: when the international norm prohibiting nonconsensual human experimentation is violated
  • Genny Ngende, The role of NGOs and accountability of corporations for human right infringements
  • Saheed Alabi, Non-state actors and international climate justice under global climate governance
  • Mohammad H. Zarei & Azar Safari, The status of non-state actors under the international rule of law: a search for global justice
  • Spencer Zifcak, The responsibility to protect at the United Nations
  • Charles Sampford, Is justice the first virtue of international institutions?
  • Ahmet Ulvi Türkbağ, Is it justice or justice(s)? The concept of justice in Western and Islamic natural law traditions
  • Gábor Sulyok, General principles of law and international law-making