Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Volume: Yearbook of Private International Law

The latest volume of the Yearbook of Private International Law (Vol. 13, 2011) is out. Contents include:
  • Doctrine
    • Stefania Bariatti, Multiple Nationalities and EU Private International Law – Many Questions and Some Tentative Answers
    • George A. Bermann, Parallel Litigation: Is Convergence Possible?
    • Patrick Kinsch, Private International Law Topics Before the European Court of Human Rights – Selected Judgments and Decisions (2010-2011)
    • Jonathan Hill, The Powers of the English Court to Support an Arbitration in “Foreign Seat” and “No Seat” Cases
    • Christa Roodt, Border Skirmishes between Courts and Arbitral Tribunals in the EU: Finality in Conflicts of Competence
    • Koji Takahashi, Conflict of Laws in Emissions Trading
    • Thomas Kadner Graziano, The CISG Before the Courts of Non-Contracting States? Take Foreign Sales Law as You Find It
  • European Family Private International Law
    • Cristina González Beilfuss, The Proposal for a Council Regulation on the Property Consequences of Registered Partnerships
    • Ilaria Viarengo, The EU Proposal on Matrimonial Property Regimes – Some General Remarks
    • Andrea Bonomi, The Interaction among the Future EU Instruments on Matrimonial Property, Registered Partnerships and Successions
    • Beatriz Campuzano Díaz, The Coordination of the EU Regulations on Divorce and Legal Separation with the Proposal on Matrimonial Property Regimes
    • Simone Marinai, Matrimonial Matters and the Harmonization of Conflict of Laws: A Way to Reduce the Role of Public Policy as a Ground for Non-Recognition of Judgments