Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Symposium: The Ruptures in International Law

The latest issue of the German Law Journal (Vol. 13, no. 5, 2012) contains a symposium on "The Ruptures in International Law." Contents include:
  • Symposium: The Ruptures in International Law
    • Ignacio de la Rasilla Y del Moral, Introduction – The Ruptures in International Law
    • John D. Haskell, The Strategies of Rupture in International Law: The Retrenchment of Conservative Politics and the Emancipatory Potential of the Impossible
    • Paavo Kotiaho, A Return to Koskenniemi, or the Disconcerting Co-optation of Rupture
    • Leïla Choukroune, Global “Harmonious Society” and the Law: China’s Legal Vision in Perspective
    • Noemi Gal-Or & Cedric Ryngaert, From Theory to Practice: Exploring the Relevance of the Draft Articles on the Responsibility of International Organizations (DARIO)— The Responsibility of the WTO and the UN
    • Evan Fox-Decent & Evan J. Criddle, Interest-Balancing vs. Fiduciary Duty: Two Models for National Security Law
    • Isobel Roele, We Have Not Seen the Last of the Rogue State