Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pauwelyn: Public International Law and the Conflicts-Law Approach

Joost Pauwelyn (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies - Law) has posted Public International Law and the Conflicts-Law Approach. Here's the abstract:
What are the challenges when thinking about public international law through the three dimensional prism of the conflicts-law approach? This contribution describes how international law is based on a “thin consent” paradigm. It then explores challenges that come with this paradigm under each of the conflicts-law three dimensions: law as system (how to open up a specific treaty regime to other legal orders?); law as regulation (how to open up law to non-legal expertise?); and law as governance (how to open up law to informal or para-legal regimes?). In conclusion, a shift is pointed at from “thin consent” to “thick consensus”. This shift affects in particular the parallel universe of transnational standard-setting. Yet, it also finds early reflections in formal international law adjudication.