Tuesday, March 16, 2010

French, Saul, & White: International Law and Dispute Settlement: New Problems and Techniques

Duncan French (Univ. of Sheffield - Law), Matthew Saul (Univ. of Durham - Law), & Nigel D. White (Univ. of Nottingham - Law) have published International Law and Dispute Settlement: New Problems and Techniques (Hart Publishing 2010). Contents include:
  • Vaughan Lowe, Private Disputes and the Public Interest in International Law
  • Malgosia Fitzmaurice, The International Court of Justice and Environmental Disputes
  • Duncan French & Richard Kirkham, Complaint and Grievance Mechanisms in International Dispute Settlement
  • Sorcha MacLeod, Stuck in the Middle With You?: Alternative Approaches to Realising Accountability for Human Rights Violations by Business
  • Sandy Ghandhi, Practice and Procedure of Dispute Settlement in Individual Communication Cases within the Human Rights Committee and the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women: Congruence or Conflict?
  • Robin Churchill, Trends in Dispute Settlement in the Law of the Sea: Towards the Increasing Availability of Compulsory Means
  • Surya P. Subedi, The WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism as a New Technique for Settling Disputes in International Law
  • Nigel D. White & Matthew Saul, Legal Means of Dispute Settlement in the Field of Collective Security: The Quasi-Judicial Powers of the Security Council
  • Karen N. Scott, Non-compliance Procedures and Dispute Resolution Mechanisms under International Environmental Agreements
  • James Crawford, The Antarctic Treaty after 50 Years
  • Kisch Beevers, Cross-border Family Mediation
  • Gino J. Naldi, Aspects of the African Court of Justice and Human Rights
  • Tawhida Ahmed, The EU, the ECHR and the Effective Protection of Human Rights for Individuals
  • Paul James Cardwell, The European Court of Justice as a Constitutional Court: Implications for the EU and International Legal Orders