Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Issue: Journal of International Law and International Relations

The latest issue of the Journal of International Law and International Relations (Vol. 5, no. 1, 2009) is out. This is a special issue on "Contested Norms in International Law and International Relations." Contents include:
  • Antje Wiener & Uwe Puetter, The Quality of Norms is What Actors Make of It: Critical Constructivist Research on Norms
  • Andrea Liese, Exceptional Necessity: How Liberal Democracies Contest the Prohibition of Torture and Ill-Treatment when Countering Terrorism
  • Arturo Santa-Cruz, Contested Compliance in a Liberal Normative Structure: The Western Hemisphere Idea and the Monitoring of the Mexican Elections
  • Susan Park, The World Bank, Dams and the Meaning of Sustainable Development in Use
  • Guido Schwellnus, The Domestic Contestation of International Norms: An Argumentation Analysis of the Polish Debate Regarding a Minority Law
  • Ingo Venzke, Legal Contestation about 'Enemy Combatants': On the Exercise of Power in Legal Interpretation