Thursday, September 7, 2017

Ohlin, May, & Finkelstein: Weighing Lives in War

Jens David Ohlin (Cornell Univ. - Law), Larry May (Vanderbilt Univ. - Philosophy), & Claire Finkelstein (Univ. of Pennsylvania - Law) have published Weighing Lives in War (Oxford Univ. Press 2017). Contents include:
  • Jens David Ohlin, Larry May, & Claire Finkelstein, Introduction
  • Gabriella Blum, The Dispensable Lives of Soldiers
  • Jens David Ohlin, Sharp Wars are Brief
  • Larry May, Humanity, Necessity, and the Rights of Soldiers
  • Michael L. Gross, The Deaths of Combatants
  • Jeff McMahan, Proportionate Defense
  • Jovana Davidovic, Justification and Proportionality in War
  • Saba Bazargan-Forward, Compensation and Proportionality in War
  • Adil Haque, A Theory of Jus in Bello Proportionality
  • Ariel Colonomos, Proportionality in Warfare as a Political Norm
  • Claire Finkelstein, The Equality of Lives in War and the Principle of Distinction
  • Jon Todd, Guiding Executive Decisions on Combatancy in War
  • Andrew Forcehimes, Weighing Unjust Lives
  • Michael Schmitt, Jeffrey Biller, Sean C. Fahey, David S. Goddard, & Chad Highfill, Joint and Combined Targeting: Structure and Process