Monday, April 21, 2014

Call for Papers: International Law and . . . the Sea

The Law of the Sea Interest Group of the European Society of International Law has issued a call for papers for a panel on the occasion of the Society's 10th Anniversary Conference. Here's the call:

ESIL LAWSEAIG - Call for Papers

International Law and . . . the Sea

Vienna, 3 September 2014

The Topic

The dominion over the sea and the regulation of maritime activities has had an important influence on the development of international law. It has generated a specific corpus of international rules, which have been partly codified in the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (LOSC). On the one hand, general international law (i.e., subjectivity, law of treaties, international responsibility, immunities, use of force, etc.) has greatly influenced the development of the law of the sea and the drafting the LOSC. On the other hand, the law of the sea has introduced new legal concepts (e.g., the common heritage of mankind) and created novel legal frameworks (e.g., the regime of the exclusive economic zone), which are affecting general international law. They are even calling for a re-consideration of some basic concepts, such as jurisdiction and sovereignty.

This panel is intended to focus on the interplay between general international law and the law of the sea and to answer the following question: what has the law of the sea “given” to general international? In this context the term ‘given’ wants to be value-neutral.

The Application Process

Please submit a 500 words abstract proposal via email to Seline Trevisanut ( by 1 June 2014. Successful applicants will be informed by 30 June 2014. The deadline for the submission of final papers is 15 August 2014.

In addition to the abstract, the following information must be provided on the submission:

• The author’s name and affiliation

• The author’s contact details

• Whether the author is an ESIL member

Papers will be selected by the co-convenors of the Interest Group (Prof. Erik Franckx, Prof. Miguel Garcia, and Dr. Seline Trevisanut), on the basis of abstracts submitted. Only one abstract per author will be considered.

In order to participate in the Interest Group panel, speakers must be members of ESIL. The membership can be formalised once abstracts have been accepted. Unfortunately, the ESIL LAWSEA IG is not in a position to cover expenses for travelling and accommodation, or to waiver the ESIL conference fee.

The working languages of the panel are English and French. Since no translation will be provided, participants should have passive understanding of both languages and active understanding of at least one of them.

Information on the 10th ESIL Anniversary Conference is available here. For further information about the LAWSEA IG, please visit our website.