Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Conference: Junior International Law Scholars Association

On February 10, 2012, the Junior International Law Scholars Association will hold its annual meeting at the University of Georgia School of Law. Here's the program:
  • Panel 1: Trade and Economic Regulation
    • David Zaring, “The New Architecture of Global Financial Regulation” - Comment: Tim Meyer
    • Evan Criddle, “Humanitarian Financial Intervention” - Comment: William Magnuson
    • John Coyle, “Reviving the Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation” - Comment: Deepa Badrinarayana
  • Panel 2: The Legitimacy of International Law and Adjudication
    • Harlan Cohen, “Careening Towards International Law’s Erie Moment” - Comment: Jean Galbraith
    • Alexandra Huneeus, “International Criminal Law by Other Means” - Comment: Shahram Dana
    • Ziv Bohrer, “Can International Criminal Law Ever Be Just and Effective? Rethinking the Lessons from Sociology and Psychology” - Comment: Margaret M. deGuzman
  • Panel 3: New Perspectives on Human Rights, Refugee, and International Humanitarian Law
    • Quinn Saunders, “The Integrated Enforcement of Human Rights” Comment: Shana Tabak
    • Anna Dolidze, “What Is “Property”? Property Theory in the International Regime on Property Restitution to the Forcibly Displaced Persons” - Comment: Alexandra Harrington
    • Alexander K. A. Greenawalt, “Beyond War: Justifying Targeted Killing in Law and Morality” - Comment: Markus Wagner
  • Panel 4: Territory and Sovereignty
    • Anna Spain, “Contextual Sovereignty” - Comment: Scott Sullivan
    • Jennifer Daskal, “The Geography of the Battlefield: A Framework for Detention and Targeting Outside the ‘Hot’ Conflict Zone” - Comment: Robert Knowles
    • Milena Sterio, “Piracy off the Coast of Somalia: The Argument for Prosecution in the National Courts of Kenya, the Seychelles, and Mauritius” - Comment: Cymie Payne
    • Odette Lienau, “Rethinking Sovereign Debt: The Politics of Reputation in the Twentieth Century” - Comment: Jason Yackee
  • Early Stage Paper Workshop
    • Session 1: Deepa Badrinarayana, James Coleman, Cymie Payne
    • Session 2: Nienke Grossman, Robert Knowles, William Magnuson