Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Issue: International Studies Quarterly

The latest issue of International Studies Quarterly (Vol. 54, no. 3, 2010) is out. Contents include:
  • David A. Lake, Rightful Rules: Authority, Order, and the Foundations of Global Governance
  • Madeleine O. Hosli & Christine Arnold, The Importance of Actor Cleavages in Negotiating the European Constitution
  • Ellen A. Cutrone & Benjamin O. Fordham, Commerce and Imagination: The Sources of Concern about International Human Rights in the US Congress
  • Andrew Kerner & Jeffrey Kucik, The International and Domestic Determinants of Insider Trading Laws
  • Nathan Lillie, Bringing the Offshore Ashore: Transnational Production, Industrial Relations and the Reconfiguration of Sovereignty
  • Amir Lupovici, The Emerging Fourth Wave of Deterrence Theory—Toward a New Research Agenda
  • Erin K. Wilson, Beyond Dualism: Expanded Understandings of Religion and Global Justice
  • Trevor Rubenzer & Steven B. Redd, Ethnic Minority Groups and US Foreign Policy: Examining Congressional Decision Making and Economic Sanctions
  • David R. Dreyer, Issue Conflict Accumulation and the Dynamics of Strategic Rivalry
  • Rick Travis, Problems, Politics, and Policy Streams: A Reconsideration US Foreign Aid Behavior toward Africa
  • Xun Cao, Networks as Channels of Policy Diffusion: Explaining Worldwide Changes in Capital Taxation, 1998–2006
  • Edward Schatz & Renan Levine, Framing, Public Diplomacy, and Anti-Americanism in Central Asia
  • Alexandru Grigorescu, The Spread of Bureaucratic Oversight Mechanisms across Intergovernmental Organizations