Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Issue: Journal of International Criminal Justice

The latest issue of the Journal of International Criminal Justice (Vol. 6, no. 4, September 2008) is out. Contents include:
  • Goran Sluiter, Karadzic on Trial: Two Procedural Problems
  • John C. Dehn, Permissible Perfidy?: Analysing the Colombian Hostage Rescue, the Capture of Rebel Leaders and the World's Reaction
  • Workshops
    • Fausto Pocar, Completion or Continuation Strategy?: Appraising Problems and Possible Developments in Building the Legacy of the ICTY
    • Erik Møse, The ICTR's Completion Strategy - Challenges and Possible Solutions
    • Discussion
    • René Blattmann & Kïrsten Bowman, Achievements and Problems of the International Criminal Court: A View From Within
    • William A. Schabas, Prosecutorial Discretion v. Judicial Activism at the International Criminal Court
    • Discussion
  • Notes and Comments
    • Flavia Zorzi Giustiniani, Stretching the Boundaries of Commission Liability: The ICTR Appeal Judgment in Seromba
    • Kasaija Phillip Apuuli, The ICC's Possible Deferral of the LRA Case to Uganda