Monday, December 3, 2007

ICC: Ugandan National Elected Judge

Daniel David Ntanda Nsereko (Uganda) was elected today to be a judge on the International Criminal Court. He will fill one of the judicial vacancies created during the past year by three resignations from the ICC bench. Nsereko was elected in the fourth round with 74 votes. (Sixty-eight votes were needed for election in that round.) Nsereko out-polled Graciela Dixon (Panama), who received 28 votes. Jean Angela Permanand's (Trinidad and Tobago) candidacy was withdrawn after the third round, which Nsereko led by a comfortable, but not decisive, margin. Nsereko will join the Court together with Bruno Cotte (France) and Fumiko Saiga (Japan), who were elected in the first round of voting on Friday. As noted yesterday, Nsereko's election is significant given the pending case against a number of Ugandan nationals, including Joseph Kony. Also today, Secretary-General Ban addressed the Assembly of States Parties. ICC President Kirsch's address to the ASP on Friday is now available here.