Monday, September 17, 2007

Bermann & Mavroidis: WTO Law and Developing Countries

George A. Bermann (Columbia Univ. - Law) & Petros C. Mavroidis (Columbia Univ. - Law) have published WTO Law and Developing Countries (Cambridge Univ. Press 2007). Contents include:
  • Petros Mavroidis & George Bermann, Introduction
  • Edwini Kessie, The legal status of special and differential treatment provisions under WTO agreements
  • Nuno Limao & Marcela Olarreaga, Trade preferences to small developing countries
  • Frederick M. Abbott, China in the WTO 2006: Law and its limitations in the context of TRIPS
  • Juan A. Marchetti, Developing countries in the WTO service negotiations: doing enough?
  • Kal Raustiala, Comment on Marchetti
  • Jayashree Watal, Developing countries and the protection of intellectual property rights: current issues in the WTO
  • Hakan Nordstrom, Participation of developing countries in the WTO - new evidence based on the 2003 official records
  • Jeffrey Dunoff, Comment on Nordstrom
  • Marc Busch & Eric Reinhardt, Developing countries and GATT/WTO dispute settlement
  • Niall Meagher, Representing developing countries in WTO dispute settlement proceedings
  • Chad P. Bown, Comment on Meagher
  • Mateo Diego-Fernandez, Compensation and retaliation: a developing country’s perspective
  • Gene Grossman & Alan Sykes, A preference for development: the law and economics of GSP
  • Joel Trachtman, Jeffrey Dunoff, & Jeffrey Kenner, Comments on Grossman and Sykes
  • Anastasios Tomazos, The GSP fallacy: a critique of the appellate body’s ruling in the GSP case on legal, economic, and political/systemic grounds
  • Patrick Low, Is the WTO doing enough for developing countries?
  • Wilfred J. Ethier, Comment on Low