Friday, March 5, 2021

New Issue: Journal of Global Security Studies

The latest issue of the Journal of Global Security Studies (Vol. 6, no. 3, September 2021) is out. Contents include:
  • Vincent Pouliot, The Gray Area of Institutional Change: How the Security Council Transforms Its Practices on the Fly
  • Martin Binder & Monika Heupel, The Politics of Legitimation in International Organizations
  • Courtney J Fung & Shing-hon Lam, Contesting Roles: Rising Powers as “Net Providers of Security”
  • Nathan Alexander Sears, International Politics in the Age of Existential Threats
  • Mariya Omelicheva & Clayton Webb, Economic Crises and Terrorism: Analyzing Competing Economic Pressures on Terrorism in Russia
  • Howard Liu, Elite Competition, Local Extraction, and Social Unrest: Understanding Mass Protest in Authoritarian Regimes
  • Julie Wilhelmsen, Spiraling toward a New Cold War in the North? The Effect of Mutual and Multifaceted Securitization
  • Paul Kirby & Laura J Shepherd, Women, Peace, and Security: Mapping the (Re)Production of a Policy Ecosystem
  • Reyko Huang & Mohammad Ayatollahi Tabaar, We Are All Coethnics: State Identities and Foreign Interventions in Violent Conflict
  • Sefa Secen, Explaining the Politics of Security: Syrian Refugees in Turkey and Lebanon
  • Maria Josua, What Drives Diffusion? Anti-Terrorism Legislation in the Arab Middle East and North Africa
  • Michael A Rubin & Richard K Morgan, Terrorism and the Varieties of Civil Liberties
  • Stephen Pampinella, “The Way of Progress and Civilization”: Racial Hierarchy and US State Building in Haiti and the Dominican Republic (1915–1922)
  • Ore Koren & Bumba Mukherjee, Civil Dissent and Repression: An Agency-Centric Perspective
  • Christoph Valentin Steinert, Who Is a Political Prisoner?
  • Kendrick Kuo, Military Innovation and Technological Determinism: British and US Ways of Carrier Warfare, 1919–1945
  • David M McCourt, Hegemonic Field Effects in World Politics: The United States and the Schuman Plan of 1950
  • Lisa Langdon Koch & Matthew Wells, Still Taboo? Citizens’ Attitudes toward the Use of Nuclear Weapons